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About Indigotive

This Is How Our Story Began

Hey There!!

Throughout my journey into enterpneuership , I have successfully started  and sold multiple businesses. In my experience, the formation & organizational paperwork was the most time-consuming and which was very frustrating once my business  started to turn a profit I had no idea how to access business funding. Each business I began with sweat equity which included using my personal credit to access capital. I did this for many years until I began to study and received guidance from a senior bank manager at Navy Federal, as I began to understand the ABC's to meet lending requirements . With each milestone i was able to identify key pieces and principle to establish a positive relationship with money while building my corporate financial identity.These experiences inspired me to found this company.My web page was created with you in mind.

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Indigotive Inc. is a business consulting firm that assists startups with things like building credibility and identity online, corporate identity, strategy development, financial management, strategic planning, and transforming their mindset. For the most part, we work with those who are just starting out in the business world, expanding their current operations, or transitioning from a "side hustle" to a more formal enterprise, as well as those who are already established but want to incorporate more cutting-edge tools, such as automation and digital marketing, into their operations. Our prominent services include of web design packages, startup business and web design group coaching programs, entity consulting, and training sessions (Live, Virtual



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I am aware that filing your Articles or are just the beginning of running a successful business.Uncertain whether an LLC or Corporation is right for you?My team can assist you with learning the ABCs of LLCs or establishing a Professional Corporation.Through informative and do-it-yourself guides as well as 101 coachings, I seek to empower clients. From obtaining an EIN to preparing operational agreement or maximizing your companies online presence, we are here to assist!

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