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Para ver AVISO LEGAL Y DIVULGACIÓN en Español – Oprima Aquí


Indigotive Inc. is a Florida corporation. (Referred hereinafter as, “our business”).   Our business is not a law firm and is not acting as your lawyer or providing you with legal advice, legal representation, or advocacy of any kind.  There is no attorney-client relationship created or inferred.

Our business can only provide self-help, nonlawyer document preparation services at our customer’s specific direction.  Our business strives to simplify the clerical process so that the self-help customer can handle their own legal situation in the courts if they wish.

This website and the services offered by our business are not a substitute for the services of an attorney.  You are using this website at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any loss, claim, liability, injury or damage related to your use of this website or any other website linked to it.  Our business and/or this website does not offer any guarantees or warranties other than delivery of documents or forms selected by the customer.  Legal matters and/or the preparation of forms and documents often require the services of an attorney, not a document preparation service.  Matters that seem simple at first often become complicated.  We will provide you with contact information for the Florida Bar’s Attorney Referral Service at your request.

By using this website and/or the services our business offers, you are representing yourself, as a Pro Se litigant, in any legal matter that you are pursuing.  If you need legal advice for that, or any other matter, including the selection and/or preparation of ANY forms or documents, you should consult with a licensed attorney.  Our business provides typing, clerical and procedural assistance, nothing more.  All documents and forms are prepared at our customer’s specific direction using information they provide.  We will correct clerical errors brought to our attention, but you are ultimately responsible for inspecting your documents and forms for content, errors, and/or omissions.  We assume no liability for damages caused by using our services, and they are offered as-is without warranty expressed or implied.

Nothing about our business name(s), or the titles we use, i.e., “Legal Document Preparer”, “Document Specialist”, “Legal Document Specialist”, “Legal Document Assistant”, etc., or any written summary on this website describing the past work history or general experience and/or qualifications of any of our owners or employees  is intended to hold himself, herself, or themselves out to the public as being qualified to practice law in the State of Florida.  We are not paralegals, as that term is defined by the Florida Bar, and using that title would be contrary to their rules. No one on our staff is a lawyer, paralegal, law clerk or legal assistant.  No one on our staff is holding himself or herself out to the public as qualified to practice law in this state, because they are not. None of our owners, officers, or employees is willfully pretending to be, or is willfully taking or using any name, title addition, or description implying that he or she is qualified, or recognized by law as qualified, to practice law in this state, because they are not.

Our business provides a document preparation/clerical service, and its mission is to utilize factual information provided by pro se customers to assist them in the preparation of various documents and forms by writing/typing the information provided into the blanks on the documents and/or form(s).  Our business may also provide customers with publicly available legal information and procedural assistance, such as how to file documents.  Our staff cannot and WILL NOT review completed forms and/or documents for the purpose of giving opinions as to legal sufficiency, errors, or omissions, as we are not qualified to do so.

Our staff cannot promise or speculate as to specific outcomes or time frames regarding the legal matter that you are pursuing, because they are not qualified to do so.

Continued use of this website means you are not seeking or expecting legal advice from our business.   Legal advice will never be provided by anyone on our staff.  If you are seeking legal advice or legal representation, leave this website immediately and contact a licensed attorney.

Any opinion that you have formed contrary to what is stated in this Notice and Disclosure is incorrect, and you should leave this website and not hire or utilize our business for any reason.

If you decide to hire or utilize the services of our business, you will be asked to sign a NOTICE OF LIMITATION OF SERVICES PROVIDED AND DISCLOSURE FROM NONLAWYER form, in front of a notary public, to acknowledge your understanding of these facts before you will receive services.

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